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The Anxiety of Coming Home

The first time I came home after travelling, I remember really not wanting to come home. I’d just discovered new friends, new lifestyles and the last thing I wanted to do was go home and be the same. I managed to stay home for a whole 3 weeks. As soon as I got my Working Holiday Visa for Australia I was gone.

Coming home after my year away was very different. I was excited to come home and live my old life again. Of course everything was different. I couldn’t quite place it at first. Besides the obvious things like people getting new jobs, or a new restaurant in town. Things just felt different. I slowly put together, that me and all my friends had reached some sort of new phase in our life. We were all starting to become more like adults. I hated it. It was like hitting 7th grade. No one told me that hormones would hit hard and me and everyone I knew would be completely different. This time everyone was still the same, but we spent more time talking about the old times, then actually make new memories. We weren’t getting black out drunk anymore and doing ridiculous things.

My third time coming home I knew would be different. While I was away, I knew people were getting married, buying houses etc. So I tried to be prepared, but once again it hit me hard. My good friends, had actually starting making new friends. Instead of it being the usual group, all of a sudden there were new people and new groups. I started to stress I wanted to stay home and never leave, so maybe things would never change and go back to how they were.

I’m leaving again for a year and I’m already anxious about coming back. Will everyone have completely moved on. Will I just be the friend people see once a month to remember the good times? I know my friends from home will always be my good friends. I just hope we can stay as close as we once were.



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