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Travelling with Terror Attacks

Currently sitting in the Auckland airport on a five hour stop-over to get home. My stomach has been killing me all day. At first I thought this pain was from leaving some friends and family behind. Then while I was sitting on the toilette the intercom comes blasting through that there has been a security breach and that passenger screening may be delayed. Of course with all the terror attacks that have been happening my mind obviously goes to worst possible scenario, we’re all going to die.

With my anxiety I have a hard time figuring out if I’m scared of things because of anxiety or if this is a reasonable fear. The past couple weeks I have been watching the news, which I wouldn’t suggest to anyone about to travel. Obviously, it is a good idea to always travel with caution; but what’s too much caution?

My next travel adventure is to France. It’s been my dream to prefect my french and ski the alps. Whenever I tell anyone about my plans, their face goes blank, especially my parents and to be fair I don’t blame them. France seems like a terrifying place to go right now. I’ve decided to not go to any major cities including Paris. When does avoiding places and cities become too much? Eventually it seems like we won’t be able to go anywhere. It is just the media trying to scare and control us? Or should we actually not go to these places.

I also get anxious while watching the news that I have a time limit to see everywhere I want to go before the world ends. I feel like I’m constantly in rush to see and do everything. That is not how I would like to travel.

I hope my fears are just my anxiety and nothing more


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