Travelling Solo With Social Anxiety

While travelling solo with social anxiety, I have learned that you have to know your limits and what you as a person are comfortable with.

A while ago, I ventured to Barcelona for a solo trip and honestly, it was not favorite trip. I realized I do not like leaving my friendship making to chance. The chance that I might happen to meet someone to spend some time with. At the time I had gone off my medication and my anxiety was high. I was unable to eat in a restaurant alone and often thought everyone was starring at me. I basically spent the whole trip aimlessly walking the streets of Barcelona very uncomfortably. On a positive note I realized a lot about myself and my anxiety.

Barcelona was a huge contrast to travelling solo on a Top Deck tour. I highly recommend using a tour group if you want to travel alone, but have trouble making friends. There is something about being stuck on a bus for hours on end that makes everyone closer.

After working in Fox Glacier for 6 months I wanted to leave, but my partner did not. So once again after 3 years of not travelling alone, I decided to try travelling solo again. I decided I would leave 6 weeks before my boyfriend and try WWOOFing for the first time. From previous experience I knew my limits. I knew I did not want to travel city to city on my own. I wanted to go somewhere where it would be easier for me to make connections and friends.

Currently, I’m sitting on the bus to WWOOFing and I feel exhilarated. This feeling has made me realize I do love to travel solo, but it also scares to me death. I’m hopeful WWOOFing will be a positive experience for me and my anxiety.


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