Living in a Ski Resort with Social Anxiety

After successfully living and working in a ski resort with social anxiety, I realized I overcame a lot of fears, but also learned the limits of my anxiety. Here’s a list I made that will make anyone with social anxiety feel better if they plan on venturing into the ski bum lifestyle.
1. You will make friends- You will see the same people everywhere. In your kitchen, at your job and on the slopes. You will eventually feel comfortable with 1, maybe even 2 people. And then BAM! You’ve made friends.


2. Some days will be bad- but most of them won’t. There will be times where you feel like everyone hates you, or they are all hanging out with out you, or even worse you’re missing out on everything. There will also be times when your anxiety gets the best of you and insecurity will take over. It will however pass, because in reality you’ re still having fun.

3. Just get through the first week-  The first week is terrible; your stomach hurts, your sweating all the time and your heart won’t stop racing. You will think you’ve made a terrible mistake and the entire season will be worst thing that’s ever happened to you. By the second week your symptoms should have lessened. In the end you will realize this is the best thing you could have done for your anxiety.

4. You don’t have to go out everynight- and you probably shouldn’t. You should always take time to recharge. Congratulate yourself for going out as much as you can, but remember you need time for yourself. If you are drinking every night, you will need a break, otherwise your anxiety will get worse. Therefore, if you feel tired just relax!

5. It’s ok to tell people about your anxiety-  People who generally work at ski resorts for the most part are very open minded people. They will tell you their lives stories and what they’ve been through. If you decide to tell them about your social anxiety, they may surprise you and completely understand and help you when they can.


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